Tiny Home, Big Idea

Photograph by Evan Kaufman

Creativity plays a giant role in moving communities forward. When Eugene’s Buddha Eye Temple needed $20,000 to pay for a recent expansion, it called on the talent of member and architect Dylan Lamar, whose design development company, Cultivate, focuses on sustainable housing. “The most Buddhist thing about the project was coming together as a community for the construction process,” Lamar said. “We didn’t have the stereo blaring — there was a basic practice of mindfulness involved.” The project pulled together the work of more than 20 people to build a cork-insulated tiny home, one that meets Passive House energy efficiency standards. At 10 feet, the home, which was sold to a private owner, is wider than most tiny homes but can still be moved. “It calls to mind a Buddhist phrase about impermanence: ‘No coming, no going,’” Lamar said. cultivateplace.com