Gather ’round the Table

Written by OHM Staff


Whether it’s a Holiday feast or a never ending game of monopoly, the family table is an fundamental piece of our culture. Being introduced to so many makers in the design community this fall, it’s occurred to me that beyond the memories we’re making while gathered around our tables, these pieces have a story of their own. Here are a few stunning examples of craftsmanship and design that your family will cherish for generations.

black walnut 2black walnut 1

1. Salvaged Oregon Black Walnut Table | Urban Timberworks

This custom dining table for an Ankeny Row homeowner is made from a salvaged black walnut tree in Hillsboro, Oregon. The tree was originally planted as a windbreak tree protecting the neighboring walnut orchard, but as the tree outgrew its space, the farmer deiced to take it down. This is common practice for orchard walnuts up and down the west coast and thankfully, companies like Urban Timberworks are able to salvage these trees to make beautiful tables like the “Trapezium”. This table was dubbed for its unique shape and strength. The design of the base provides ample leg room from all sides.

Mrytle Wood 1Mrytle Wood 2

2. Myrtle Wood Shaker Dining Table | The Joinery

Thanks to partnerships like Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities, The Joinery is able to offer furniture built from sustainably harvested Oregon Myrtlewood. This beautiful hardwood ranges in color from warm creams to rich chocolates and provides gorgeous material for The Joinery’s master woodworkers to handcraft a dramatic Shaker solid top dining table. This classic design features tapered legs, a chamfer detail on the top, exposed dowels in each leg and curved end aprons.

OR Oak SquareOR Oak Square 2

3. Oregon Oak Square Dining Table | Natural Edge Furniture 

This 6×6 Oregon White Oak, was salvaged from a massive tree too mature to survive a 2010 windstorm in Estacada, Oregon.  Powerlines running between the farm house and barn had grown into the tree and oxidized over the years, staining the wood and leaving the unique black marks you see on the table today.

sons of saw 1

4. School House Dining Table | Sons of Sawdust

This unique table is built from tongue and groove flooring that was reclaimed from a school house built in the 1890’s. In the mid 1900’s the school house was torn down and the wood was repurposed to build a homestead and a chicken house. The flooring from the school was used as the purling in the top of the chicken house allowing it to be preserved and eventually repurposed into this one of a kind dining room table.