Blue Period

Powell Construction works a bold shade into a kitchen remodel.

Photography by The Vine Studios

The family behind this crisp, on-trend kitchen knew they didn’t want classic white cabinets when they consulted with Corvallis-based Powell Construction. “People are afraid of bold colors on cabinets because they are such a permanent and pricey thing,” says Powell designer Jayde Hanson (designer Christine Gauthier led the project). “But you don’t have to do white or gray to make it feel clean and comfortable.” A rich navy, a deep olive, even a midnight black—the colors popping up on cabinets this year are dark and grounding—all choices which, Hanson says, can work as a neutral if you do them right. Hanson advises homeowners to pick the shade of their cabinets first before building other choices around it, which allows the color to stand out and not compete with other elements.

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