When Mid-Century-Modern Peaked

The Noguchi table, the Eames lounger, the Barcelona chair, The Saarinen table… you most likely know all of these pieces, if not by name, surely by sight. Mid-century-modern has had a good run, for sure, but the fad, like all other fads, is starting to fade.

Creating a Modern Kitchen in a Century Old Home

This Roseway Portland kitchen was lacking room to move around, but a smart remodel gave the homeowners the flow they needed and opened up the kitchen, creating a more interactive space.

How Not to Decorate

Most folks don’t have piles of cash allotted for interior design so here are the top things I would love to tell everybody to never put in their home.  These are the mistakes I see most often. They will never, ever be ok. Like never.

tasteBUD: Autumn Leaves Cocktail

We asked Jeffrey Morgenthaler, bar manager at Clyde Common and author of the Bar Book: Elements of Cocktail Technique, to share one of his favorite recipes for the perfect fall libation. “It’s like fall in a glass, bright apple and cinnamon flavors, with some fresh earth and thanksgiving spices,” says Morgenthaler.