17 Tips For Great Master Bathrooms


A tiled shower room. A rainforest showerhead. A soaking tub you can truly hunker down in. His-and-her sinks. A heated travertine floor. If you’re steaming for a new master bathroom, these are undoubtedly some of the features you’re going to try to squeeze into the space. Oregon Home asked a tilesetter, two designers and an architect for ways to do the room right.

15 Most Common Home-Buying Mistakes

Your home is the biggest purchase you’ll make in your lifetime—and the experience could be the biggest rush or the biggest headache. Oregon Home asked professionals from Realtors to remodeling pros to mortgage lenders how to make buying your next home a dream.

16 Tips For Keeping Your Home Pest-Free

Unexpected guests are bad enough, but when they gnaw, wriggle, slither and chomp their way into your house, that’s when you’ve got to get tough. Oregon Home asked pest control experts how to wrangle the termites, mice, carpenter ants, moles, skunks, squirrels, bats, rats and various other vermin who are trying to stake a claim on your property.  

12 Tips for Decorating Kids’ Rooms

Got your heart set on building the dinosaur-shaped headboard of your dreams for your bookworm of a boy’s bed? Feel like a hip mama because you’re letting your 4-year-old pick which of 34 colors she wants her spendy maple bedroom furniture to be stained in? Oregon Home asked design mavens for pointers for decorating a kid’s room with style.

21 Tips for Downsizing

Daydreaming about exchanging your 3,000-square-foot Irvington Craftsman for a condo in a new South Waterfront tower? Been picking up fliers for houses with less than 1,000 square feet? Oregon Home talked with a designer, two real estate brokers, an estate sale organizer and a downsizer for tips to ease the move from living large to living small.

16 Tips for Home Gyms

Are you the biggest loser when it comes to sticking to your daily goal of working out at the gym? Maybe it’s time to ponder whether a home gym could lead toward a healthier you. Oregon Home talked with an architect, two fitness trainers and two sports equipment experts for tips on putting together a home workout space that really works.

16 Tips for Kitchen Center Islands

If the islands of your dreams harbor cooktops and prep sinks rather than ships, you may be primed for words of wisdom about kitchen center islands. Oregon Home talked with three kitchen designers and an architect about how to navigate through the choices you need to make—height? width? shape? in-island appliances?—to end up with a kitchen icon that cooks.

20 Eco-Friendly Ideas

You don’t have to live in a strawbale house and drink rainwater to live sustainably. There are lots of ways to do it, from the food you eat to the businesses you support to the kind of lightbulbs by which you read. We’ve spoken to some eco-experts and put together a list of simple things you can do to make the world a greener place.

18 Tips for Communicating with your Architect

Image Can’t let your idea for an aquarium center island go, even though your architect’s told you it would take six months and six figures to fabricate? Are your frugal tendencies keeping you in front of your computer sourcing house parts for beyond super-cheap? Oregon Home asked two architects and two designers for a blueprint for better homeowner-design pro relations.


19 Tips for Shades, Curtains and Drapery

Image Have you left white sheets hanging in your living room’s picture windows because you can’t decide whether you should spring for custom shades, buy some off-the-shelf curtain panels or hire a home couture pro to whip up some luxe drapery? Oregon Home asked four draperymakers and a window coverings expert to detail what a well-dressed window looks like.