Easy & Breezy

Photograph by Doreen Wynja

Ornamental grasses are some of the great textural wonders — perfect for both modern and traditional gardens. “They are fine plants that lend a casual and relaxed feeling to your landscape,” says Janine Anderson, co-owner with husband Terry LeLievre of North Beach Landscapes, and owner and designer of the patio pictured here. “I favor those that I’ve found to be easy as well as beautiful.” Select grasses for sun or shade, wet or dry, soil type, space and companion plants, Anderson advises. Here, the tall feather reed grass provides screening and separation from an adjacent meadow, and mimics the colors and textures of the larger landscape, while black mondo grass lines the path and golden sedge adds height and a pop of color.

Janine Terrys garden 1070PH lighterblue copy