In my backyard

2011_GreenLiving_EditorsPage_RobinEditor Robin Doussard writes about her own green efforts.

Green fling

2011_GreenLiving_GreenTrends_FernPlateFresh ideas and eco-friendly trends for your home.

Good eats

A foodie’s advice on eating well, and doing good. Plus some of our picks for local foodie trends.


Greener gardens

 5 gardening tips to get greener, more eco-friendly gardens.

Something old, something new

2011_GreenLiving_SomethingOldSomethingNew_03Reusing, or upcycling, an old item to furnish or decorate your home helps the environment, saves money and carries forward a piece of history. 

Green dream haven

2011_GreenLiving_GreenDream_01A foodie and a green builder create a contemporary North Portland home that deftly combines their sustainability values and socializing lifestyle.


Eco-conscious kitchens

2011_GreenLiving_KitchenConscious_01The most meaningful ways to green the kitchen for every type of eco-doer.

Jill Cropp, green goddess

2011_GreenLiving_JillCroppMeet Jill Cropp, a native Portlander who believes in living small, ditching the car and keeping a lid on stuff.