Ask the Experts

Looking for a chic way to change the feel of your home?

Geometric Wall DIY

Puji Sherer, Chief Color Nerd of Portland-based Colorhouse Paint, leads us through a few simple steps to create a colorful DIY in your little ­one’s room.

Embracing Color

When it comes to curating a perfect home decor, the use of color can be a bit like playing with fire.

Color and Kitchens with Rhonda Knoche

Recognized by HGTV for her bold and colorful kitchens, designer Rhonda Knoche thrives on the problem solving involved in complex design and color cases.

Discover St Johns

If you ask the locals, they’ll tell you that St. Johns is known for a lot more than just its namesake bridge. This quaint North Portland neighborhood has its own distinct identity; it’s one steeped in its welcoming and friendly small-town feel (where you can’t help but run into people you know!) but with the draws of the city life, which makes it a distinctly worthwhile weekend venture. Here are some of our favorite local offerings.