A Lighter, Brighter Kitchen

mpdc1When Beverly Vogt moved into her 50s Ranch home in the southwest Portland Raleigh Hills neighbor- hood in 1972, she wanted to renovate the original galley kitchen that featured fluorescent tube lights and darkly stained, plywood cabinets, as soon as possible. Still, for well over the next three decades, Vogt cooked in the dim, cramped space.

Turning Salvage Into High End

fullcirca1As a contractor who specializes in historic preservation, Andrew Curtis is naturally drawn to homes that come with a good story. So when he first saw the Irvington Heights cottage that he would eventually transform into his home and office, he was more interested in what he was hearing than what he was seeing.

Little Kitchen, Lots of Charm

arciform1Donna knew she needed more storage, more electric plugs and more light. But she also wanted the kitchen to feel like it belonged.

As Time Goes By

kraft1A decade after an architecturally sensitive renovation, this classic cottage still retains its charm.

Luxury vs. Sustainability

creekside1Andrew Burton knows a thing or two about building smarter homes. He started his first company when he was just 19 and founded design-build firm Creekside Homes in 2003. Since then, he and his team have built some truly incredible custom homes in the greater Portland area.

A Vision Fulfilled

huber1An architect’s stunning design blurs indoor and outdoor space, but poses many challenges for the artful builder.

Hot Tub Hideaway

This luxurious hot tub enclosure offers a retreat from the elements in inclement weather while taking its design cue from Oregon’s lush outdoors.