Get More Space Out of Your Place

Converting a basement into a home office, children’s play space or extra bedrooms is not only doable but transforms how much more utility you can get from your current home.

Re-Envisioning Home

Danielle Kinder Designs specializes in designing homes for modern lifestyles.

Good Design Matters

KSW Architects Principal Raymond Kistler brings his passion for form, function and beauty to residential and commercial projects.

Built-In Wellness

A coastal farmhouse by Kymberlea Earnshaw Holistic Living & Design mixes style with harmonious living.

Boutique Package

Every Lemontine Design home is a one-of-a-kind project.

Modern Pole-Barn Living

Bend-area architect Steve Nuetzel turns a refined eye toward rugged pole-barn construction.

A Mind for Design

Portland-based Steinfeld Studio creates artistic, tailored spaces that suit the way homeowners live.